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The Pareidolia Effect Collection by Taís B. Price

The pareidolia effect is the mind’s way of making sense of the world around us by interpreting images in a way that we can understand. In this same way, the Pareidolia Effect Collection is an interpretation of the human psyche. Told through a journey in which one would encounter death and dying and what emotions would have ultimately led one there.

By the use of charcoal, the artist captures the deep, raw emotions of the subjects potrayed. Similar to how a photograph can capture a moment or a feeling within one frame. By the use of prints, she aims to capture that same emotion.

The Pareidolia Effect is available for purchase at our shop page. You can also find the prints in store at Earth Magic and Olyphant Art in downtown Olympia, WA.

At the Edge
True Reflection
Creating Life
Three Stages of Grief: Depression, Chaos, and Peace
The Hanging Man
Take Me
Come with Me
Torn and Divided
Of Trees and Men
Meet Me in the Forest
Through the Darkness
What the Light Reveals
Find Me
Camazotz (Mayan Death Bat)
Through the Rabbit Hole
Just One Last Step
Broken Toy
Waiting for No One
Don't Listen
Don't Speak
Don't Look
What's In Your Mind?
La Llarona
Bent Over Backwards
Branching Out
Behind Closed Doors
State of Mind

The artist’s inspiration includes Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Edvard Munch’s The Scream